Guide To Prop Bets

by dev_rstn_tv

Baseball gambling has a lot of different terminologies, one of those terms is prop gambling, where you wager on a specific event occuring. Instead of wagering a particular team to be victorious, you bet on them to score a home run in the 3rd inning. Prop wagers are not unique to baseball as you can put your money on a player to score the first 3 pointers in a basketball game or a quarterback to throw an interception in the first quarter in football. However, they are particularly popular in this game thanks to the number of different options bettors can take advantage of. 

Long Vs Short Bets

Baseball gamblers have the choice of making long and short-term prop bets. Short-term ones occur within a single game, whereas long-term wagers play out over the entire season and can take months to conclude.

An example of a long-term prop bet is which player hits the most home runs for the entire season or which player wins the MVP award. With both of these types, gamblers have to wait until the end of the season until their wager is finished.

An example of a short-term prop wager is will a player score a home run or will a player pitch a no-hit game. Short wagers are great if you are looking for quick action, while long time frame wagers are ideal if you want to stay captivated by baseball for the whole competition.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline prop bets are extremely popular now. This is where you put the money on either one side or the other achieving a specified outcome, the sportsbook provides odds and makes one side the favorite and the other the underdog. An example for baseball is “which team will get the first run in a game?”

For example, Atlanta Braves +130 

New York Yankees -160

This means the Braves are the underdog, and you put $100, you will receive $230. While the Yankees are the underdog and you will have to place $160 to receive $260.

Over/Under Bets

An over/under prop wager is where a sportsbook suggests that something will occur a set number of times and then give gamblers odds for taking a particular side. For example, in baseball, an over/under prop bet would be total runs scored in a match, and the bookie establishes the line at 9.5, sets the over at +100, and the under at -120.

If you bet the over, you go home a winner if the total score is 10 or more. While if you take the under, you need the total score to be 9 or lower. If you love looking at past data on match scores and crunching numbers, then you are going to this type of wager.

Baseball Prop Betting Tips and Strategies

When making a baseball wager, it is wise to focus on one specific form. You can’t expect to be a genius about all aspects of the game. If you love pitching, then specialize in the wagers related to pitchers. Or maybe you are an expert on home runs, then focus on hitting wagers. Before putting your money at stake, conduct your research on the current roster, where the match is taking place and the history of teams. 

Baseball prop gambling is great fun and is often more exciting than typical game result gambling. Now you are aware of the main types of wagers, it is time to check out some sportsbooks and see what odds they have on offer. With so much choice, we are sure you can find a baseball bet that turns you into a winner.