Strategies To Bet The Underdog In Baseball

by dev_rstn_tv

Just randomly gambling on the underdog in baseball is not going to make you any money. In fact, on average, you are likely to lose a little over 1% over the long run, thanks to sportsbooks charging a vig. If you want to make winning bets, you need to come up with a strategy. We have 4 easy to use ones that are worth checking out!

Bet on Early Season Underdogs

At the beginning of the season, sportsbooks are still trying to adjust their odds based on new rosters and players. During this stage of the season, sportsbooks are more likely to get their odds wrong, and you will find some underdogs worth backing.

A potential winning baseball bet in April is to find a team who is +110 or higher underdog  who is down the first two games of a series and were not the favorite in their most recent loss.

Backing Divisional Underdogs

Let’s face it with such a long schedule, baseball teams don’t always go 100% every game. However, when they come up against their divisional nemesis, they are much more likely to dig deep and try to win. 

As there are 30 teams in the MLB, division games take up half a team’s matches, giving you plenty of choices when selecting the perfect divisional game to wager on.

To make this strategy work, you need to find baseball division games that are incredibly important for the underdog to win and then back that up with some statistical analysis of the players on the rosters. Once you find this game, your chance of making some extra cash shoots through the roof.

Underdogs With Home Field Advantage

During the MLB season, teams spend a crazy amount of time on the road, traversing the whole of America. Playing on the road is difficult as travelling can negatively affect your body, and the new environment can mess with your rhythm. However, once players finally return to their home stadium, they often put in a great performance. 

The key to this strategy is finding underdog teams who are playing their first home game after a very long road trip of at least 6 games. You want to find teams that are a small to medium chance to win. 

We aren’t exactly sure why underdogs coming off lengthy road trips do so well, but it could be because of the energy they receive in front of their home crowd. Crowds are usually large and extra loud when they haven’t seen their team in a while. It could also be because players are confident and comfortable in the familiar surroundings, which always allow them to play loose and have a great performance. Whatever, keep an eye out for this type of bet, as it can cause your baseball bet win percentage to soar.

Underdogs Coming Off A Hot Performance

A great baseball strategy looks for a team who had an amazing performance in their previous match and managed to score over 10 runs. The ideal situation is finding a team that played the previous night and is now playing at home in front of a large crowd. They are likely to keep the high-scoring form and manage to secure the win.

Try This Baseball Gambling Strategies!

We wish it was as simple as randomly selecting the underdog and walking away the winner. Unfortunately, because of the vig charged by sportsbooks, that strategy will only cause you to empty your wallet. However, thanks to our baseball betting strategies, we know you will have a great shot of cashing out some juicy bets. Remember, before trying a new baseball gambling strategy, do thorough research to ensure the wager meets all the bet criteria, be patient and wait for the perfect bet and start with small stakes. Good luck!